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International Greenhouse Vegetable Production - Statistics
(2018 Edition)

Item #5 - A review of current world-wide data and research reports on the commercial production of greenhouse vegetables.

(includes a complete reference source listing as well as all North American data)

Total World Greenhouse Vegetable Area (est.) = 497,815 hectares (1,230,128 acres)

Current Statistical Data Review for:

  • International (130 countries)
  • North America- Canada, Mexico, USA - specific details
  • Over 230 data tables
  • All Individual USA States, Canadian Provinces and Mexican States
  • Included: complete Internet reference source listing, 436 hypertext entries.

    This 171 page report, 2018 edition, is now available.
    Price: US $295 (emailed PDF)   Item #5A    Order Form   (see Item #7A for special discount offer)

    To view table index, click here.

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